Ether 13

1 And now I, Moroni, proceed to finish my record concerning the destruction of the people of which I have been writing.
2 For behold, they rejected all the words of Ether: for he truly told them of all things, from the beginning of man; and how that after the waters had receded from off the face of this land, it became a choice land above all other lands, a chosen land of the Lord; wherefore the Lord would have that all men should serve him, which dwelleth upon the face thereof;
3 and that it was the place of the New Jerusalem, which should come down out of Heaven, and the Holy Sanctuary of the Lord.
4 Behold, Ether saw the days of Christ, and he spake concerning a New Jerusalem upon this land;
5 and he spake also concerning the house of Israel, and the Jerusalem from whence Lehi should come; after that it should be destroyed, it should be built up again a holy city unto the Lord; wherefore it could not be a New Jerusalem, for it had been in a time of old, but it should be built up again, and become a holy city of the Lord; and it should be built up unto the house of Israel;
6 and that a New Jerusalem should be built up upon this land, unto the remnant of the seed of Joseph, for the which things there has been a type:
7 for as Joseph brought his father down into the land of Egypt, even so he died there; wherefore the Lord brought a remnant of the seed of Joseph out of the land of Jerusalem, that he might be merciful unto the seed of Joseph, that they should perish not, even as he was merciful unto the father of Joseph, that he should perish not;
8 wherefore the remnant of the house of Joseph shall be built upon this land; and it shall be a land of their inheritance; and they shall build up a holy city unto the Lord, like unto the Jerusalem of old; and they shall no more be confounded, until the end come, when the earth shall pass away.
9 And there shall be a new heaven and a new earth; and they shall be like unto the old, save the old have passed away, and all things have become new.
10 And then cometh the New Jerusalem; and blessed are they which dwell therein, for it is they whose garment are white through the blood of the Lamb; and they are they which are numbered among the remnant of the seed of Joseph, which were of the house of Israel.
11 And then also cometh the Jerusalem of old; and the inhabitants thereof, blessed are they, for they have been washed in the blood of the Lamb; and they are they which were scattered and gathered in from the four quarters of the earth, and from the north countries, and are partakers of the fulfilling of the covenant which God made with their father Abraham.
12 And when these things come, bringeth to pass the Scripture which saith, There are they which were first, which shall be last; and there are they which were last, which shall be first.
13 And I was about to write more, but I am forbidden; but great and marvellous were the prophecies of Ether, but they esteemed him as nought, and cast him out, and he hid himself in the cavity of a rock by day, and by night he went forth viewing the things which should come upon the people.
14 And as he dwelt in the cavity of a rock, he made the remainder of this record, viewing the destructions which came upon the people by night.
15 And it came to pass that in that same year which he was cast out from among the people, there began to be a great war among the people, for there were many which rose up who were mighty men, and sought to destroy Coriantumr by their secret plans of wickedness, of which hath been spoken.
16 And now Coriantumr, having studied himself in all the arts of war, and all the cunning of the world, wherefore he gave battle unto them which sought to destroy him;
17 but he repented not, neither his fair sons nor daughters; neither the fair sons and daughters of Cohor; neither the fair sons and daughters of Corihor; and in fine, there was none of the fair sons and daughters upon the face of the whole earth, which repented of their sins;
18 wherefore it came to pass that in the first year that Ether dwelt in the cavity of a rock, there was many people which was slain by the sword of those secret combinations fighting against Coriantumr, that they might obtain the kingdom.
19 And it came to pass that the sons of Coriantumr fought much, and bled much.
20 And in the second year, the word of the Lord came to Ether, that he should go and prophesy unto Coriantumr, that if he would repent, and all his household, the Lord would give unto him his kingdom, and spare the people,
21 otherwise they should be destroyed, and all his household, save it were himself, and he should only live to see the fulfilling of the prophecies which had been spoken concerning another people receiving the land for their inheritance; and Coriantumr should receive a burial by them; and every soul should be destroyed save it were Coriantumr.
22 And it came to pass that Coriantumr repented not, neither his household, neither the people; and the wars did cease not; and they sought to kill Ether, but he fled from before them, and hid again in the cavity of the rock.
23 And it came to pass that there arose up Shared, and he also gave battle unto Coriantumr; and he did beat him, insomuch that in the third year he did bring him into captivity.
24 And the sons of Coriantumr, in the fourth year, did beat Shared, and did obtain the kingdom again unto their father.
25 Now there began to be a war upon all the face of the land, every man with his band, fighting for that which he desired.
26 And there was robbers, and in fine, all manner of wickedness upon all the face of the land.
27 And it came to pass that Coriantumr was exceeding angry with Shared, and he went against him with his armies, to battle; and they did meet in great anger; and they did meet in the valley of Gilgal; and the battle became exceeding sore.
28 And it came to pass that Shared fought against him for the space of three days. And it came to pass that Coriantumr beat him, and did pursue him until he came to the plains of Heshlon.
29 And it came to pass that Shared gave him battle again upon the plains; and behold, he did beat Coriantumr, and drove him back again to the valley of Gilgal.
30 And Coriantumr gave Shared battle again in the valley of Gilgal, in the which he beat Shared, and slew him.
31 And Shared wounded Coriantumr, in his thigh, that he did not go to battle again for the space of two years, in the which time all the people upon all the face of the land were a shedding blood, and there was none to constrain them.